History of the Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services Honour Guard


The VF&RS Honour Guard was formed in 1989 by Chief Training Officer Roy Rose (ret., deceased) and Assistant Chief Training Officer Jim Bathurst (ret.) and were awarded a Departmental constitution in May 1991 from Fire Chief Don Pamplin (ret.).

The Organization; (Membership requirements from VF&RS Honour Guard Constitution)


“The Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Honour Guard is a voluntary organization comprised of members who are current or former uniformed members of suppression personnel, of the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, who have the necessary skills required to perform basic foot drills and who wish as a voluntary pastime, to have the opportunity of using such skills as part of a fire sponsored group.”



The Mandate; (Mission Statement from the VF&RS Honour Guard Constitution)

The primary purpose of the Honour Guard is to provide uniformed attendance and participation at funerals of deceased members of the Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services both active and retired. The Honour Guard may at request to the Fire Chief, attend or participate at funerals of leading citizens, political leaders or fire fighter deaths both locally and internationally.

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